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Food: Kale is My Boyfriend

Kale is my boyfriend. It’s like that muscle-head guy in a tank top who isn’t my type at all because he works out too much and doesn’t drink enough. He’s ‘extreme’ health and I’m just moderate health, so naturally I’m waiting for the relationship to go tits up. But it just doesn’t seem to be ending.

You see, I do love salad and I’ve been a salad gal for many years. I get warm tingles thinking of that elaborate salad buffet I used to visit every single day up the street from my office. Back then, I was much more of a romaine type of lady. Romaine with chunks of breaded chicken, cheese and French dressing. Hey, it was still a salad. Now, fast forward, and I’m living in a neighbourhood where signs boast organic this and hormone-free that, everyone drinks dark green drinks (delicious I must say), and kale is sold at every single corner market on the strip. I know kale has been in ‘style’ for quite some time now and yes, I do follow food trends (cauliflower is the new kale btw), but once I met kale, I was hooked. I think this might just be the one.


I sautéed chunks of pancetta and then fried cut up bread in the leftover fat from the bacon. Here is the classic caesar salad dressing from my mom. I sometimes add anchovy fillets and splashes of mayo or salad cream.



1 clove garlic

1/2 cup oil

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/2 tsp worcestershire sauce

1 tsp dry powered French mustard

1 egg

**Optional: 6 anchovy fillets packed in oil, drained AND 1-3 tablespoons of mayo or salad cream added after all is blended.**


Throw garlic in blender, add a little oil and blend until garlic is crushed. Add remainder of ingredients and blend. Toss with greens and add shaved parmesan. My mom says here in the recipe that bacon bits are optional, but I say they are mandatory 🙂

For a special lunch date I had with myself recently, I paired this Kale salad with crab cakes that I bought at my local fish shop. If you’re up for making your own, here is a nice recipe from my peeps at Bon Appetit. I just drizzled the leftover caesar dressing on top of the cakes.


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