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Brianna and Andrea’s Journey to Asia and Beyond

TPF is all about the journey of a woman–at any point in her journey.

Brianna Shields-Anderson (19 years old) and Andrea MacDonald are embarking on a trip of a lifetime. They have youth on their side; they possess fresh perspectives and untamed ambitions. These are two young and energetic friends stuck in a constant state of wanderlust.

Originally from Abbotsford, British Colombia, Andrea has had the opportunity to experience Canadian living from both an Eastern and Western standpoint, but is continuously drawn to the snow capped mountains of BC.

Brianna, a native of Toronto, has more recently fallen in love with the feel of small-town living after a 3 month stint in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The two met through participation in a Canadian Youth Volunteer Program called Katimavik and together they’ve been given the opportunity to explore the world that surrounds them.

Brianna and Andrea are about to venture out into the unknown and begin their greatest adventure thus far: backpacking Asia and beyond.

Follow them on the trip of a lifetime through the highs and the lows of travel, and ultimately a journey of self-discovery.

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