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Author Interview: I CAN Believe in Myself – Win copies of the book

Some kids are just born confident. They exude that air of “I can do anything” and yes, they go on to do many things. But there are also kids who are born innately hearing the message, ‘I can’t’ in their head. Sometimes, no matter how hard the parent tries, they can’t convince the child otherwise until the child experiences something profound, something incredible that turns it all around for them.

In Miriam Laundry’s children’s picture book, “I Can”, the main character Molly has such an epiphany. With adorable illustrations from Jennifer Julich and the sweet dialogue and story telling from Laundry, “I CAN” is a book that challenges children to change the way they think. Other themes in this book include compassion, confidence and self-esteem.

We interviewed Miriam Laundry and asked her more about her message and the book.

Why were you inspired to write this book with this particular message?

The passing of my 17 year-old niece to depression last year made me reflect on my own children.  I was told to look for signs of depression in them because depression is hereditary.  This information changed everything for me, I wouldn’t sit around and wait for these signs to appear, I decided to take a proactive approach and to fill my children’s minds with positive things.  I was not able to find many books that empowered them and that helped with self-esteem so I decided to write one.

The message of “I CAN” is very important to me.  I believe that if a child learns to have an “I CAN” attitude early in life they will be able to use this later in their teenage and adult years when more difficult situations arise.

The “I CAN” books teach children about the power of their thoughts.

Do you see kids around you struggling with negative attitudes and basically an ‘I can’t’ type of mentality?

I hear “I Can’t” all day long, not only from children but adults also.  If we automatically use this word, then we are not going to try new things and will limit ourselves quite a bit in life.

I met a little girl during a school reading who was saying she couldn’t do a cartwheel.  I asked her how many times she had tried and her response was once.  I encouraged her to try a cartwheel a couple more times and this time to only say “I CAN do a cartwheel” even if she fell.  Her mom later emailed me telling me that her daughter got home and started saying she COULD do a cartwheel and tried it, kept falling and getting back up and saying “I CAN do a cartwheel”.  This continued for the next couple of weeks until she got it!

Having an “I CAN” attitude is about going for things and not allowing negative thoughts to direct our lives.

Can you imagine where our own lives would be as adults if we would have had this attitude at an early age?

Did you ever struggle with what Molly does in this book when you were a child? Shyness, apprehensive ect.?

Getting in front of the class to speak was terrifying for me as a child and even as an adult.  I remember that sickening feeling you get in your stomach before you speak, but I learned that once you do it and push yourself through the fear, it feels pretty good.  I remember that great feeling of accomplishment after!

What do you hope a child will take from this book, even at a very young age?

My wish is that through this book, children will understand the power of their thoughts and that they are the ones controlling them.

You can find Miriam on Facebook here


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